Got this from my department’s white elephant gift exchange today. Lots of wine/beer markers, dark chocolate for wine, and wine napkins. @tsangjenn , the napkin reads: there comes a time in the day that no matter what the question… the answer is wine. Yeee :)

Got two of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. I’ve always been jealous of people who got their teeth pulled because they get Jamba Juice. Now it’s my turn, mwahaha. Thanks for the Jamba, Frank :) The tooth on the right is huge!

Neon yellow and orange chevron nails in preparation for the sunny Las Vegas! :D If only I had more patience, the lines would’ve been straighter…. D: (Taken with Instagram)

My dad bought a 28 pound watermelon… I think watermelons this size usually weight around 15ish pounds. IT’S SO HEAVYYYY! (Taken with Instagram)

I miss bookstores so so soooo much :( (Taken with Instagram)

Nicole and I found her “boyfriend box” from 9th or 10th grade, hahahaha! Did anyone else have one of these? (Taken with Instagram)

It makes me SO happy to see UCR people in Fremont :) (Taken with Instagram)

BBQ today, personalizable SOLO cups are freakin’ amazinggg!! :) (Taken with Instagram)

My aunts and uncle making dumplings :) Family get together with delicious food yeeee (Taken with Instagram)

At the A’s vs. Angels game with some co-workers. Anything to get out of work :D (Taken with Instagram)

Found this at Frank’s today. I played chopsticks over and over again. And the Rugrats song. Good thing I didn’t have one as a kid or else I would’ve been annoying as hell :) (Taken with Instagram)

His and hers pho :) (Taken with Instagram)

Sea urchin! It was still moving when it arrived on the table. Had a crazy japanese lunch yesterday with Frank’s fam/famfriends in Burlingame. (Taken with Instagram)

Why yes, I am bowling after clubbing :) @LuckyStrike in SF w/grace&helena (Taken with Instagram)

I love my new standing desk at work :D (Taken with Instagram)